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Workshop by Illeana Gomez & Alejandro Pais Iriart


Take advantage of this rare opportunity to study with dancer Illeana Gomez and guitarist Alejandro Pais Iriart, guest artists for an upcoming performance Cuatro: A Tablao-style Flamenco Dance and Music Performance from September 18-22.

Illeana is one of the best American dancers. She and her husband Alejandro moved to Madrid, Spain 2 years ago and has been active working in top tablaos including Casa Patas, Las Carboneras, and Cardamomo. She received the third prize in the prestigious dance competition Concurso Nacional de Baile por Alegrías in Cadiz, Spain in 2018. She was recently invited to dance in pair with maestro El Mistela and share stage with world-renowned artists such as Gema Moneo, Tomasito and Diego Carrasco in Mucho Arte in Madrid.

Alejandro will join forces with Illeana to teach a comprehensive Tablao (Cuadro) class for dancers, guitarists and singers. Not only are they exceptional artists, but also have a high reputation as magnificent teachers with detailed and precise instruction and patience.


Sunday September 22

10 am- 1 pm


Zorongo Flamenco Studio (3715 Minnehaha Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55406)

Sunday September 22
10-11 am Dance technique
11 am-12 pm Dance choreography
12-1 pm Tablao (Cuadro) for dancers, guitarists & singers


Single class: $30
All classes: $75

Send an email to with your name, class(es), your cell number (for emergency contact) and email address.


The instructors will accept ONLY CASH if you are paying on the day of the workshop.

DANCE TECHNIQUE: The class will consist of well-rounded exercises including warm-up, arm/hand work, footwork, posture, turns, marcajes, llamadas, and remates.
DANCE CHOREOGRAPHY: Illeana wants know about your interested palo to learn. She is flexible to teach anything. When you register, let her know what you most prefer (and least prefer if you have one). She will teach the most requested one by registered dancers.
TABLAO (CUADRO): This must-class is for dancers, guitarists & singers of all levels. Participants with years of training will be able to try their dance/guitar/singing to apply their materials in a cuadro setting (dance/guitar/singing all together). Participants with fewer years of training will be able to absorb the class information to make sense of how the materials they have been learning will be applied in a cuadro setting. Even participants who do not feel ready to fiscally participate will learn to understand much better what Flamenco is in practice and appreciate more when they go to see a flamenco show

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