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Great teachers are the embodiment of their craft, and Sachiko embodies the art of flamenco for her students. Through movement, words, feeling, and sound, she imparts flamenco culture all the way from large concepts to small technical details. This breadth of learning in dance is much more satisfying for a student than merely gaining a series of steps in a choreography. Learning from Sachiko is highly rewarding, because she brings fiery flamenco passion to every session, challenges her students to grow, and expertly gives them the tools to do so.


Sachiko’s classes show the influence of her long term residence in Spain as a flamenco dancer.  Her deep knowledge of flamenco is demonstrated by her detailed instruction of dance technique, musicality, and what I can only describe as the flamenco soul.  She is amazingly attuned to each student as an individual.  She encourages you to really express your own style and heart through dance.  Her charm, enthusiasm and humor create a welcoming classroom.  Her insight and warmth as a person are very encouraging.  I am always looking forward to the next class!


Sachiko creates a perfect balance of professionalism, integrity, and fun/flexibility.  The classes are of the highest quality and caliber, yet the atmosphere is encouraging and not at all intimidating.  I think I am truly learning the art of flamenco and how to really DANCE and not just follow choreography.  It is amazing to be learning flamenco in this way and quite unique outside Spain.  Sachiko is a knowlegable, talented and highly skilled professional with an incredible background whom I recommend to anyone seeking a teacher who creates dancers confident in their training and abilities


Sachiko is a patient, thoughtful, and precise instructor. Her classes focus on understanding the palos and compas, by carefully listening to the music and repeating exercises until they're done well. If, like me, you're detail-oriented, you'll appreciate Sachiko's thorough explanations. But more than that, she encourages students to discover the soul of flamenco for themselves and express it through dance. I always leave class feeling inspired.


Sachiko’s dancing is “flamenco autentico,” the way the gypsies dance it.  What is unique about her classes is that she teaches more than just steps and choreography.  She focuses on the theory of movement and elemental rhythms that together form the foundation of flamenco.  She also teaches a number of little tips that, taken together, help the student discover the gypsy feel and look when dancing. Sachiko works with each student to find his or her own creative expression of the cante so that we, too, can dance flamenco as it was meant to be danced, an expression of fire and soul.


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