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I take my community work and building through Flamenco as seriously as my dance.  I realize that achievements I have made in my dance would not have been possible if it were not for my mentors, Flamenco fellows,friends, founders, and supporters in the Twin Cities.  Giving back to the Twin Cities Flamenco community in a way I can is important for me.  It is also a way to show my gratitude for all the support I have received from these people.

I have dedicated significant time to organize a community group Twin Cities Flamenco Collective.  In the past, I have produced performances with Flamenco puro artists directly from Andalusia including Javier Heredia and José Méndez through TCFC.  I wanted to bring the art of Flamenco that I had seen and admired when I lived in Seville, Spain to the Twin Cities.  I also have offered monthly gathering "Learn about Cante Flamenco" in which the participants learned about different styles of Flamenco songs and historical artists to cultivate awareness, interest and knowledge in cante.  

The highlight of TCFC's activities has been the Spanish artist residency project implemented in June 2018.  TCFC received a Community Arts Grant from Metropolitan Regional Arts Council to bring the master artist Juan del Gastor from Seville, Spain.  I arranged the logistics and administrated the project in the development and implementation.

I have also organized workshops by finest Flamenco puro artists from Andalusia including Juan del Gastor, Carmen Ledesma, and Javier Heredia to offer the best learning opportunities in my opinion in the Twin Cities.  I am happy that the participants have been able to study with those masters without going to Spain.   

I also have invited local Flamenco groups, professional and student performers to perform in my productions.  Without quality performance opportunities, there will be no advancement of Flamenco in the community.  

My policy is to keep my arms open and keep inviting people to what I do without boundaries.  I believe that arts have positive impacts in this world.  It heals us and set us free.  It bridges us.  It promotes mutual understanding, empathy and peace.  My community work is my way to engage in the greatness of the art of Flamenco.

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